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Should You Consider Installing Fire Curtains In Your Building?

Though we like to think that our businesses are safe from fire, fires can occur virtually anywhere at any time. All it takes is one improperly wired lighting fixture to reduce a whole building to charred rubble. Luckily, fire and smoke curtains can greatly reduce fire damage, saving both money and lives. Here’s a brief look at fire curtains and how they can benefit your building:

  • Fire Resistance

Fire curtains are special barriers that prevent fire from spreading through fire escape routes. McKeon fire curtains are made from technologically advanced fire-resistant materials that carry a UL 10D 3-hour rating. This allows plenty of time to organize a full evacuation and call firefighters to the scene.

  • Fail-Safe Design

Most of the time, the fire curtain will be hidden from view in its steel housing—making it perfect for restaurants, shopping centers, and other places where aesthetics are a concern. In the event of a fire, the weighted bar at the bottom of the fire curtain will bring the curtain down automatically, without the need of electricity or a backup system.

  • Smoke Control

Though most people are afraid of being burned, smoke inhalation can be just as dangerous. Luckily, fire curtains can also control the flow of smoke, allowing for a safer escape. If you install a fire curtain in your industrial facility, you’ll greatly increase your employees’ chances of survival.

  • Emergency Egress

Though fire curtains block fire and smoke, their emergency egress door allows people of all abilities to pass through. Firefighter is the only fire rated fabric curtain on the market with a 90-minute UL 10D rating, UL 1784 smoke rating, and a soft-surface egress door. Depending on how you approach it, all you have to do is firmly push or pull at the door to pass. Once you’re clear of the curtain, it will automatically close and fasten behind you.

If you’re worried about fire enveloping your business, contact Specified Building Products. We sell and install all sorts of fire doors and curtains so that Northeasterners and their buildings can be better protected from disaster. Call us today at (888) 606-7735 if you have any questions.

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