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Protect Your Property with Non-Fire Rated Service Doors and Grilles

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Even if your business is in a relatively safe neighborhood, there’s always a chance that someone will try to break in. Though a security system can scare thieves away and/or aid in their arrest, your best option is to prevent them from entering in the first place. Here are a few non-fire rated service doors and grillesthat can keep your business protected:

  • Self-Opening Grilles

Self-opening grilles are excellent for when you want to limit access to the general public. The self-opening models are designed to provide exiting when security is desired in the path of the means of egress. Using fail-safe mechanical technology, a self-opening grille will provide adequate egress in the path of exit every time.

  • Hurricane Doors

Over the years, hurricanes have taken billions of dollars and thousands of lives. In order to protect your business from Mother Nature’s wrath, you should invest in a service door that can withstand severe winds. McKeon Door Company makes service doors that are made of stainless steel and can handle winds of up to 150 mph.

  • Counter Shutters

If you have a business located in a shopping center, then your own security is entwined with that of the whole shopping center. Luckily, a well-made counter shutter can give your business extra privacy and security. Counter shutters are also great for banks and snack bars.

Though doors may seem like simple things, they can make or break your business. If you’d like to install a fire or non-fire rated service door on your property, call Specified Building Products at (888) 606-7735. We’re proud to provide Northeast businesses with a range of safety and security products.

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