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Why a Four-Fold Door Is Right For You

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Four-Fold doors are a convenient commercial solution to standard large door openings.  Designed for high cycle, low maintenance operation, they are uniquely designed to fold completely clear of the opening in which they are installed.  For applications that require vehicles to travel in and out, they remain visible by drivers during their entire operation.  This means that you will save money by eliminating costly damage to both the doors and vehicles.  Some of the benefits of installing a Four Fold door system are:




Performance:  The advanced design and construction of the Four-Fold door enables it to function under high cycle and other severe conditions, like our current hurricane Sandy, which might create service and maintenance problems for other conventional alternatives.

Speed:  Four-Fold doors clear the opening at an average speed of 24 inches per second compared to conventional overhead and coiling doors which operate between 8 to 12 inches per second.  This minimizes heating and cooling losses, reduces waiting time while at the same time increases productivity and energy efficiency.

Horizontal Movement:  The Four-Fold door is designed to move horizontally rather than vertically. This allows the driver to know the precise second the doorway is clear to exit.

Maintenance:  Conventional sectional and coiling doors require constant spring and cable maintenance and replacement to keep them in safe working condition. With general yearly preventative maintenance, Four-Fold door operators and components are designed to perform over 1 million cycles.

Manual Operation:  Four Fold door systems are also available with manual operation option. With the simple pull of a cord, manual operation is quick and easy. It requires no springs under tensions or time-consuming chain hoists or heavy lifting.

For more information on incorporating Four Fold doors into the design of your project, please contact

Specified Building Products at (877) 903-9090.

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