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How To Tell If A Door Is Fire Rated

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As we have discussed in previous posts, a Fire Door is a door that is built to withstand a certain degree of extreme heat per hour.  Every Fire Door has a certain fire rating which refers to the strength of the door over periods of time.  The higher the rating, the longer the door will be effective during a fire.  Now, if you are replacing existing doors with reliable Fire Doors that you bought from a reputable dealer such as Specified Building Products you will need to know how many you are buying and if you have one or more already in place.

The question that you must now answer is “how can I tell if a door is fire rated?”

A door is most likely a fire door if it you can identify the following things:

  1. Is the door is wired to an alarm?
  2. Does the door have special Louvers (slats)?  Not all fire doors will have slats.
  3. Are there markings on the edges of the door or door frame when the door is opened all the way?
  4. Is there a temperature rating on or near the door latch?
  5. Is the glass more than 1/4″ in thickness

These are just a few ways that you can determine if you have a fire door onsite.  If you have additional questions or are not sure, please feel free to call our offices and speak to a specialist.  1- 877-903-9090

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