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Operable Walls

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Operable walls are movable sectioned walls which are electrically retractable.  They have many uses including better use of open space, acoustic manipulation, traffic control and energy conservation and can promote revenue generation possibilities.
The concept of using a divider wall has been around for quite a while.  With the economy in its current and continued deplorable state and with changes in the engineering industry, the purchase of an operable wall partition is becoming a long term investment.  Some benefits of an operable wall include:

  • Better utilization of open space
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Ease of use
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Many aesthetic finish options
  • Reduction in the need for storage space

Operable walls have many purposes from design aesthetics to quick and efficient space functionality.    For example, an operable wall allows you to create extra rooms if you have a large open floor plan.  Building walls can be expensive and take time that you may not have to get your business up and running.  An operable wall will allow you to divide your available space to create offices, meeting rooms, function rooms while allowing you the freedom to change your floor plan quickly with far less hassle.

This solution is ideal for business’ such as Hotels with conference and function rooms needs as well as Restaurants which may need to implement a banquet room, higher education institutions & schools looking to set up testing areas or additional space.  Take for example, the aftermath of a natural disaster such as Hurricane Katrina or most recently Hurricane Irene.  Many schools in situations such as these are forced to shut down for long periods of time displacing school children and faculty sometimes indefinitely.  In situations such as these, operable walls would allow a business with large open floor spaces the ability to set up ad hoc classrooms in a relatively short amount of time, reducing the displacement time.

An operable wall no longer is made to look like the old gymnasium panels.  They are now produced in many colors, materials and sizes.  You can choose from options such as vinyl, fabric, glass and veneer as well as choosing from smaller details such as chair rails and wood moldings to simulate standard immovable walls.  Sound control is another option when considering an operable wall solution as most products have a wide range of acoustic ratings.  The choices are seemingly unending beginning with single panel systems, paired panel systems, continuously hinged panel systems, accordion style and more.

The choices are many and the functionality is vast when it comes to implementing an operable wall solution.  For more information or to schedule an appointment to design your individual solution, call our offices and speak to a specialist.  1- 877-903-9090

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