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What’s The Plan Stan?

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At Specified Building Products we like to share as much information as possible about our products.  We have many solutions unique to many different organizations.   We sell only top rated products from manufacturers such as McKeon,  Solatube, Door Engineering and other well-known and reputable names.  We have shared information about specific products, solutions to unique spacial challenges, design solutions, manufacturing information, safety information and so much more.   One thing we haven’t written about is what makes up a good fire escape plan.

Do you have a plan?  Have you shared it with your employees?  Have you had a test drill to make sure the plan is realistic and well thought out?  Here are some tips on key elements of a good fire escape plan.

  • Create and map out  several escape routes from various locations on each floor of your building.
  • Post a copy of the designated escape route for each floor in several key locations.
  • Notify employees about where their designated escape route map can be found.
  •  Do a regular dry run.  Most states also require that buildings periodically test their fire safety systems as well.  This is critical because employees come and go and may not be familiar with what to do in the event of an emergency.
  • Never use the elevator in the event of a fire.  Fire drills should always be conducted using stairwells.
  • Make sure all building exits are clearly marked.
  • Document proper procedures for employees who must remain to operate critical equipment before evacuating.
  • Have one or more designated meeting areas where employees will meet after they have evacuated the building.
  • Appoint someone to be in charge of accounting for some or all employees following evacuation.
  • Document procedures for accounting for employees after the evacuation is complete.
  • Schedule mandatory employee training sessions to review:
    • Fire Safety
    • Fire Prevention
    • Evacuation Procedures
  • Require sign off from each employee on Fire Training.

By implementing procedures such as the one above in conjunction to installing devices such as Fire & Smoke separation products, you are increasing the likelihood that an emergency does not become a tragedy.  For more information on how to plan for workplace emergencies and evacuations, click HERE to read the 25 page OSHA document.

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