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A new partnership!

Specified Building Products strives to provide the best service and products to our customers.  We have made an addition to our partnerships in order to expand our product offerings.  We have partnered with Hollaender, the leader in pipe fittings and handrail systems.

Hollaender logo

For more than 75 years Hollaender has produced the most reliable, durable, and high-quality products which include the aesthetically pleasing look of pipe fittings and handrail systems that are found everywhere you look. From amusement parks to the fixtures in your favorite retail stores, water treatment plants and powergen facilities around the globe.

Over the years we found that there was a large enough need for handrail systems that we looked into partnering with a company that offered products that would naturally compliment the products we were already providing.

This beautifully crafted product is available for

  • almost any application and is cost effective, easy to install and reusable.  Manufacturing  is all done in one location versus other providers who piecemeal product from around the world raising the cost to you, the client.  With a process that provides a product which is
  • strong & corrosion resistant we couldn’t turn down the opportunity.

F0r more information about the Hollaender product you may contact our team at 877-903-9090

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