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The Team That Makes Things Go at Specified Building Products

We post a lot of information about our products and vendors and thought that it would be nice to add some information about the people that help to make us successful.  Over the next few months we will highlight a new staff member who really goes above and beyond to make our company a great place to work.  This week we will take a look at our Controller, Chris Chantre and find out what makes him special.



Chris has been with Specified Building Products for one year.  He started in the position of Controller moving quickly to his current role of Operations Manager & Controller.  Chris works solely from the Warwick office and sees all day to day operations.  He manages issues, concerns and challenges for the entire team as they present themselves.  He also continues to manage the finances and cash flow for the company, helping to make critical decisions about profitability on purchases, jobs and structure.  Chris works closely with the sales department to ensure that all jobs that are quoted, residential and commercial alike, are in line with the company’s profitability plan.

Chris has 12 direct reports and is the first in line for escalated situations for customers who need help with unique and challenging situations.  Although he does not usually speak directly with customers, he works directly with staff members to see issues through to resolution and provide solutions that work for customers and the company alike.

 Chris likes working at Specified Building Products because his personality and role are directly and positively impacted by his close working relationship with President Scott Grace.  ”We complement each other in the best ways” said Chris.  He likes the fast pace that the company offers and enjoys the work environment created by many unique and dedicated people.  When asked about how he helps facilitate and embrace the company’s H.U.G.S. philosophy (H.U.G.S. stands for: Honesty, Urgency, Generosity, Safety), Chris broke it down for us

Honesty – Chris is always up front with people.  Whether it is a customer or someone reporting to him, he is fair and honest about situations and what is and is not expected as well as what is reasonable and achievable

Urgency – Chris continuously pushes urgency as a key factor in everything he does.  He is a fast paced person by nature but always incorporates the “why” into his expectations.

Generosity – Chris believes that good work begets rewards.  His expectations may be high but they are fair and reasonable.  When he sees good work done he takes the time to reward that person because many companies focus on the negative and Chris doesn’t believe that creates dynamic and motivated teams.

Safety – Safety is a key issue for Chris especially in the field.  He tightly manages the operations of the Techs and makes sure that all proper and required equipment is available to ensure safe operations.

Outside of work, Chris lives at home in Cranston with his wife Michelle of 11 years and two sons aged 12 and 6.  Chris loves doing activities of all kinds with his kids.  He enjoys working out and watching as many sports as he can.  He also enjoys golf, which he has played his entire life.  He attended school on a golf scholarship and also caddied as a young man.  Chris has a family dog named Maxwell.  A Shih Tzu who, is present each night during story time.

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