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A Look Inside The Specified Building Team


Deb Connor – Accounting Manager

Deb has been with Overhead Door for a little more than a year.  She started her career as the Assistant Accounting Manager and moved into her current role when the departure of the former manager left an opening.  Working solely out of the Warwick office Deb works with Mike in collections, to help commercial and residential customers with problem resolution and questions they may have about billing.

Deb likes working at Overhead Door because”The owners are great people to work for and very family oriented.” Said Deb.    When asked about how she helps facilitate and embrace the company’s H.U.G.S. philosophy (H.U.G.S. stands for: Honesty, Urgency, Generosity, Safety), Deb broke it down for us:

Honesty – Deb believes that Honesty = respect.  Their vendors need to know when they will be paid and she gives them an exact date.  If a mistake is made on her part she admits it instead of pointing fingers at another employee.

Urgency – Urgent situations arise and always take preference.  When Deb is first contacted about an issue flagged as urgent, she follows it through to completion even if she has to hand it off to another department for help

Generosity – Deb always offers assistance across the board to anyone in need of it.

Safety – I try to be aware of my surroundings and if something is out of place that would be a safety  hazard to customer’s and co-workers, I address the issue to have it moved.

Outside of Overhead Door, Deb enjoys activities such as Kayaking, yard work and reading.  She is single and lives in Warwick.  She has 4 wonderful children.  Two of her own, Allie 19 and Zach 16 as well as an adopted daughter named Aaliyah who is 8 and a foster daughter Juslynn who is 6.  In addition to all this excitement, Deb also cares for a few pets including: a sheep dog named lina, a parrot and two floppy eared bunnies.

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