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Unlocking Open Design With Fire Doors

Dave Dodge, CSI, CDT is the director of business and code development at McKeon Door Co.   Our team at Specified Building Products has worked with Dave many times over the years to provide the required code training for architects.  He has an extensive background in project estimation and project management and holds a bachelor’s degree in business.  Mr. Dodge’s passion is in building code development and architectural design compliance and we are pleased to share this insightful article written by Dave Dodge with you.

Dave Dodge ArticlePerhaps one of the most challenging elements of building design is to conform with fire and smoke separation provisions of the codes.  Typically compliance with these provisions suggests difficulty in designating open communication areas throughout the structure.

This article looks at some historically problematic situations and examines new technology that satisfies code yet renders creative, open, and spacious design.  It explores innovative wide-span opening protectives that offer the benefit of complying with passive redundant provisions of the building code while maintaining open design.

With few exceptions, the International Building Code (IBC) has been universally adopted in the United States.  Notwithstanding, the applications considered in this article are fundamental in any model code where openings are created in fire- and smoke-rated wall assemblies.

To read the full article, CLICK HERE




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