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aperature doorAperture systems are a unique enhancement to any aircraft hangar facility and area perfect solution for retro-fit projects.  This is because the aperture system allows larger aircraft into a lower overall height facility by having the tail section of the aircraft outside of the hangar. 

Aperture door systems commonly consist of a three-part system where part of the plane’s main body and tail are exposed on the exterior of the hanger. designs to meet your specific project requirements.

At a basic level, an aperture system can be fixed, manual or automatic with panels that are adjustable to ensure a perfect fit each and every time.  For more advanced projects you might consider a Rotating aperture door.  These panels allow up to three different aircraft to use the same hangar facility without the need for alternate locations because the rotating aperture door is counter-weighted and adjusts up, down as well as left to right movement.  This provides a perfect seal at each fuselage profile. When the aperture door is not in use or not needed, the closure door can be initiated to close off the opening for a tight seal.

One of the biggest benefits of using an aperture door system is that it will automatically sense the final position of the plane and will adjust a tight fit with the pressure sensing panels. 

Designed to be used this system’s free-floating, counter-weighted panels move with the push of a finger for greater ease of operation and are designed to meet wind load and energy conservation requirements.  The aperture door system by Door Engineering sports an exceptional reputation for design precision and excellence.  This system demonstrates stand out strength for this type of application.

Do you have a special application that requires an aperature solution?  Call our office today to discuss your needs at (877) 903-9090 or visit the Door Engineering website.





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