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We make panic look cool.

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The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) administers specific regulations regarding the emergency exits from nearly all commercial buildings. One of these regulations involves the type of hardware installed on fire doors. Fire doors are made in many sizes and serve many functions in places such as schools, sports facilities, movie theatres, mall’s and other similar places.  Exceptions include prisons or mental health facilities where staff members are available 24 hours a day to unlock the doors in the event of an emergency.

Specified Building Products works with contractors every day year-round analyzing needs and making choices about material and function and security.  One of the simplest ways to meet these OSHA safety requirements on exit doors is to install tested and certified panic bars.

According to Wikipedia the definition of a panic bar is as follows:  crash bar (also known as a panic barexit device,[1] panic device,[2] or a push bar) is a device for unlocking a door during emergency conditions. The mechanism consists of a spring-loaded metal bar fixed horizontally to the inside of an outward-opening door. When the lever is either pushed or depressed, it activates a mechanism which unlatches the door allowing occupants to leave quickly from the building.

Typically, a panic bar is that large metal bar located mid-way down an exit door that is easily pushed in to exit a building.  It’s sole purpose is to meet OSHA standards for quick exit.  Never intended to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye or in any way quiet, our new partner Total Door Solutions has turned the old way of thinking about exit doors with panic bars upside down.

The Total Door Solutions exclusive flush panic exit device looks and works better than other solutions you may find in the industry with a reputation second to none.  This solution has a 1/8″ projection in the open position which is nearly flush to the door face and pops out a mere  5/8″ when open, meeting  all fire codes and ADA guidelines.  Total Door Solutions panic devices are also eye-catching because they will insert a custom finish that matches the rest of your door.

Panic bar appearance when the door is closed

Panic bar appearance when the door is closed

Panic bar appearance when the door is open

Panic bar appearance when the door is open


Why install the same door that everyone is NOT talking about?  You can have safety, compliance and beauty all in one solution.

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