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Daylighting Facts: Part 2

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This blog is a continuance from our last post.  Once again thanks go to Solatube International for providing the resource material.

The tubing in a TDD system (Tubular Daylighting Devices (TDDs)plays an important role in the quality of light output as it relates to color. Color Temperature Maintenance (CTM) is a measure of how well a system can deliver reflected light without a color shift.

When looking into a Daylighting solution like those offered by Solatube, you should look for  “spectrally-neutral,”.  This means that its Spectral Reflectance is consistently high for all wavelengths of visible light. The tubing reflects all the visible wavelengths of light equally well and does not change the color of the light it reflects. This allows deliverance of the brightest, purest daylight over the course of the day or changes in season.

Some other tubing materials that you may encounter, such as silver-coated anodized aluminum, enhanced aluminum, and corrugated / flexible materials, are far less efficient  at reflecting light in a specular fashion and are not “spectrally-neutral.” This means that, the color of the reflected light can shift and appear more green / blue or more yellow, depending on the tubing material used.

light output chart

Solatube’s Spectralight Infinity Tubing is spectrally neutral because it is made out of the most reflective material in  world and ranks at the top for delivering the maximum amount of light over the longest distances.  When comparing systems you should ask for the light study done on that product.  The manufacturer should be able to turn one over to you on the spot.

For more information on Solatube products, call the Specified Building Products team at  (877) 903-9090

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