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Sound, Functional Separation

Sometimes the best solution for dividing spaces comes in the form of a functional wall or door.  There are a few types that are quite popular but what is the difference?


folding partitionsoperable wallsrelocatable wallsfolding doors



  •  Folding Partitions – a wall designed to quickly and efficiently divide commercial spaces.
  • Operable Walls – a wall designed to divide larger spaces such as classrooms, training rooms, ball rooms, and gymnasiums.
  • Relocatable Walls – A finished wall that installs quickly without permanent attachments.
  • Folding Doors – Also known as accordion doors which open by folding back in sections.

Each type of door, regardless of your preference for style is custom fit to your unique space.   They  increase functional space as they do not interfere with space like swinging or bi-fold doors would. They provide efficient and economical use of space for almost every conceivable sound and sight division requirement.  Key uses for these solutions have been educational institutions, medical facilities, hotel function areas, religious organizations, corporate settings, training environments, culinary settings and many more.

This solution is easy to operate and allows you to tailor your space to fit your customers needs big or small.  Offered in many styles and materials, it also can be perfectly integrated into the environment so the focus remains on your client’s event.  Todays designs are made to promote minimal loss of space and excellent acoustic properties.

For more information on our solutions, contact a member of the Specified Building Team

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