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We Give You The Credits

L&L LOGOProfessionals from Specified Building Products Corporation have been committed to developing quality learning activities in accordance with AIA / CES and Health / Safety / Welfare (HSW) criteria for over 20 years.  We work with each of our partners to put together the most comprehensive educational programs in the industry.  Our consultants have presented to top architects on topics covering everything from fundamental principals, code compliance, creative thinking and product specific knowledge.

We have offered courses to more than 10,000 architects throughout New England in easily accessible locations that are one or several hours long depending on the subject being covered.  Our consultants will even develop a specialized program for your staff at your location upon request.  Whether you are a sole practitioner or the senior partner at a large firm, we will help you stay on the cutting edge of your industry.  Many of our seminars carry necessary LU and HSW credits that you need to maintain your certification.

It is a proven fact in many studies that your sales staff is only as good as the knowledge in their head.  To get your foot in the door and keep ahead of the guy next in line for the job, you have to sharpen your proverbial saw with knowledge touching the outer realm of the project you are bidding and interviewing for.  The more efforts you invest into the education of your staff, the higher the percentages are that you will win the job.

Let us help you sharpen your saw. Call our offices at 877-903-9090 to discuss your needs and visit our website for a list of upcoming educational seminars.

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