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Machine Protection Doors

mchine protection doorsOne responsibility of any employer is to provide a safe and healthful work environment for their employees.  OSHA sets standards to enforce that certain regulations are followed to ensure this practice is adhered to.  Training sessions, outreach programs and educational materials are not scarce and are usually free upon request.   General industry standards are listed in (29 CFR 1910) on the OSHA website.

Moving machinery parts can cause devastating if not fatal workplace injuries.  From crushed fingers or hands to amputations and death, there are many dangers when working around machinery that are completely preventable if the guidelines set forth from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration are followed.  Specified Building Products understands the industry needs and we have relationships with vendors that provide the products to help companies with their compliance audits.  

Machine Protection Doors are designed to restrict access to dangerous equipment while containing the moving parts and offering greater protection to the operator.  4,628 workers were killed on the job in 2012 which equals roughly 89 each week or more than 12 every day.  Machine protection doors were designed to decrease these statistics with special safety features to account for the human error driving these numbers.  Features like safety switches that verify and signals that the door is closed, faster opening and closing to ensure shorter cycle times and safety limit switches help to provide peace of mind.

Many industries rely on the the benefits of these doors.  Industries including food processing, mining, waste management and manufacturing have them incorporated into their working environments.   Offered in a generous selection and model types, machine protection doors can fit your specific needs. Whether it is a roll up door, a speed door or a rubber door, these are a necessity and provide both compliance and safety adherence.  For more information about Specified Building Products line of machine protection doors call our office at 877-903-9090



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