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The Power of Performance Testing

performance testingSpecified Building Products takes pride in the products and services it is able to offer to their clients.   Vendor relations are very important to us because we stand behind their products as if they were our own and have the same high expectations from them as you do from us.  We go to a great deal of trouble to get to know each and every company with whom we do business to make sure that they are the right kind of partner for us.  One thing that all of our partners have in common, which is mandatory in order for us to become partners, is performance testing products.

We are in the business of not only selling visually appealing and functional products to clients all around New England, we also sell products that save lives.  It is critical for us to know that the products that we stand behind will work the way we say they will work exactly when they need to work.  Our reputation stands on this point.  Performance testing is something that ensures us that each bolt is secure, each weld is solid and each intersecting piece  is aligned just right.  Just what is performance testing?  Performance testing is a specific process of putting products into the very conditions they are promoted to withstand in order to challenge and verify that the assumption that the product will meet a specific performance objective is accurate and true.  For example, if a fire door claims to have a 20 year life cycle, performance testing is designed to verify that it will not only meet that 20 year mark but easily exceed it.  Other product categories are tested during this process such as:  function, durability, workmanship and usability.  It can also serve to validate and verify other quality attributes of the system, such as scalability, reliability and resource usage.

Some of the benefits to ensuring that the products we stand behind have gone through rigorous testing are:

  • Eliminating system failures
  • Validating cost
  • Increasing productivity

Performance testing isn’t one single test.  There are many categories by which a product can be tested.  Some of these include:

  • Load Tests – Testing to determine product performance under anticipated loads
  • Fail-Over Tests – Testing for redundancy and partial failure recovery
  • Reliability Tests – Testing to identify the product threshold for length of time and load capacity
  • Stress Tests – Testing to identify the threshold for system failure+

It is crucial that the products we provide are reliable, durable and compliant which is why each door we offer has been challenged and verified before it is ever delivered to a job site.  For more information on any of the Specified Building Products you can call our team of experts at our home office (877) 903 – 9090

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