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Your Crane Does Not Have To Be A Pain!

If you are in the construction industry you may have a crane onsite as one of the tools of your trade.  They are an essential piece of equipment, generally equipped with a hoist, wire ropes or chains, and sheaves, which make working with heavy machinery and construction materials easier.  The ancient Greeks in fact invented the first construction crane hundreds of years ago.  Today, most people see cranes made out of metal, but interestingly enough, back before the 19th century people made them out of wood.  Society has thankfully realized that metal can handle a bigger load and is much more resistant than wood.  At least we are progressing in the right direction.  Back in Roman and Greek times, they used to make cranes out of stone!

There are different types of cranes; Tower Cranes, Vehicle-Mounted Cranes, Rough Terrain Cranes, Crawler Cranes and Aerial Cranes.  Each has its use and purpose whether transporting large loads and heavy materials from one part of a building to another or moving loads from the interior to the exterior of a building.  Depending on the purpose, a crane can reach heights that require an entrance with unique specifications to enable easy passage and increase employee productivity by reducing downtime associated with opening and closing doors manually.  The very nature of an overhead crane necessitates a custom-designed opening intended to allow passage of both the crane structure and it’s attached the load. Door Engineering’s Craneway Doors are specifically designed to handle the needs of such heavy industrial environments.

Specified Building Products understands the challenges faced by the construction industry and knows that time is money.  Wasting time means wasting money.  That is why we are partnered with Door Engineering and Manufacturing who know these facts well.  A Door Engineering Craneway Door is designed for superior performance.  These doors have a hinged upward swinging door and a bottom rolling section to allow smooth passage of the entire unit.  Designed with steel sections and cold formed steel girts, heavy-duty cables and double drive operator chains all increase safety as automatic magnetic brakes holds the door in an open position.  Additional safety features include automatic latching lock arms to keep the doors tightly closed when not in use.

Specialized equipment needs specialized attention to details.  The Specified Building Products team is trained to help you identify your unique requirements and then recommend the proper Craneway Door for your building.  For more information on Craneway Doors or to speak to a Specified Building Products professional you may call our office at (877) 903-9090 or email our support team at info@specifiedbuilding.com.


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