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It’s The Cycle Of Life

The life cycle of a product is the business analysis that attempts to identify a set of common stages in the life of commercial products which is used to map the stages through which a product goes during its lifespan.  The cost can be defined as the total cost of installing, operating and maintaining doors and hardware throughout the anticipated lifespan of that product.

Specified Building Products takes a product life cycle quite seriously.  We sell products that we expect will live up to the features and benefits that we sell based on the manufacturers promises made to us.  One reason that we have partnered with Total Door Systems is that we know that every product we sell from Total Door Systems has two very big benefits that we can assure our customers will see.  The first benefit is the testing which Total Door Systems does on each product they manufacture.  When you purchase one of their doors you can be assured that it has already undergone a battery of testing and has been certified by their Engineers as a high quality product with a low chance for operational failure.

The second BIG benefit is that Total Door Systems products are made with 100% Total Door Systems parts. Traditional doors can be a culmination of parts from many manufactures.  Should a failure occur, just where does the responsibility fall for that failure?  Where do you start in looking for answers?  How many phone calls and hours of repeating the same issue over and over again to a customer service person who is inept at solving the problem?  The integrated door systems approach used by Total Door Systems is an end to end solution that eliminates finger pointing, transferred calls and days of waiting for a solution.  This approach works because for every product there is one manufacturer who providing all the materials and parts and one installer taking full responsibility for the functioning of the entire opening. This means that there is one single source to guarantee compliance, adherence to relevant code requirements and one phone call for questions or problems.






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