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Understanding UL Certification

UL logoSpecified Building Products believes in providing products that are UL Certified.  A UL Standard of any type  functions as a benchmark that enables consumers and businesses to feel confident about the products and services they purchase. Providing assurance that goes beyond just products; UL standards also include testing of systems and services so you know that your investment is bumper to bumper approved. In addition you can rest assured that the logo on your product is a promise that as new requirements are created for these products, these same requirements will also be evaluated and added to all applicable UL standards.

Covering the spectrum of living and working environments, UL has six distinct categories for standards within 22 industries.  They are:

  1. Commercial
  2. Consumer
  3. Life & Health
  4. Environment
  5. Information & Insights
  6. Workplace Health & Safety

This encompasses a total of 1,290 unique and different standards covering business areas from fire doors to flexible metal to fire hose assemblies to switches, locking devices and water flow meters just to name a few.  Each category is always under evaluation for necessary updates and changes and undergoes regular revisions .  UL, and Specified Building Products, takes standards seriously.  It’s their business and your business and reputation depend on their dedication to what they do.

UL provides the kind of assurance that we want our customers to have with the products that we provide them each day.

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