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Passive vs. Aggressive

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One of the great things about Daylighting is that it works on passive technology.  We have all experienced at one time or other and more than likely on many occasions, the need to make a service call for a piece of equipment that isn’t working.  Our printer isn’t working properly, our fleet experiences issues as it ages needing the attention of a mechanic, our dock doors need to be serviced because they aren’t opening as smoothly as they could.  All of these issues can be attributed to the fact that all of these tools of our trade have moving parts also known as active technology.

Daylighting does not work in this manner.  It relies on passive technology which means that it has no moving parts that are critical to performance.  Some less reputable systems use active technology tracking devices which are designed to follow the sun on its journey across the sky each day.  This technology was developed in the hopes that it would capture the maximum amount of sunlight at any given time during the day. The down side to active technology is that as we have found out with the printer, company truck and dock doors things can—and almost always do—go wrong.  One of virtually many things can throw a wrench in operations.  Maybe a moving part should break, or that thunderstorm knocks the power out so you don’t have interior lighting  or it is just an overcast day which makes it hard for the active system to function at its best.  Any of these situations can cause headaches for you, your employees and your bottom line.

Solatube products were designed with prisms known as passive optical technology.  This proprietary technology reflects light from any angle and redirects the light to give you the best possible lighting output on any given day both sunny or cloudy.  days.  To learn more about the Solatube Daylighting Systems, call the Specified Building Products team at 877-903-9090


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