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Introducing DoorWall Systems

doorwallDoorWall Systems is the newest and most unique product line being offered by Specified Building Products.  This collaboration offers products that tout  zero exterior projection doors.  This product can help you with a tight floor plan or just helping you to achieve an eye catching store front or helps make critical floor space available where none might be possible with other solutions.  These unique, attractive and versatile systems can span openings up to 150′ w x  60′ high.  Perfect for minimal headroom conditions with its minimal interior and exterior projections.

Some of the key features of this zero exterior projection doors include:

  • No sidewalk projection
  • Custom design doors that match adjacent walls
  • Custom matching glazing
  • Motors that comply with UL 325 standards
  • Custom manufacturing to exact design specifications
  • Custom engineering for high wind loads security applications

One unique advantage of a DoorWall system are their fail safe components which are tested virtually through 3D computer simulated modeling.  This allows testing before your system hits the manufacturing floor.  If you are looking to hide unsightly door jams or maintain the finish of your system, DoorWall systems offer corrosion proof components on all of their products.


Better more reliable components are key to making these products part of more and more commercial builds year after year. Specifically, quality parts that last far longer than other brands make these systems speak for themselves.  Things like:

  • Thicker, heavy duty components
  • Sound deadening vinyl sleeves
  • Factory pre-wired sections
  • Heavy gauge steel counterbalance covers
  • Pre-drilled precision holes

If you are limited by space, structural requirements or just need to ensure that door weight is directed to the floor and not the wall you should consider a DoorWall system.  For more information on how DoorWall can fit your project needs, call our office at (877) 903-9090

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