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Achieving That Perfect Ending

October 16, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

So you have picked a design for your new building, hired a contractor and work is under way.  Everything is going well, everyone is on time and playing nice in the proverbial sandbox until:

boomThe entrance doors are installed.  They seemed perfect when you chose them but now that they are in you feel that they are big, not the right color, they stick out and they just wreck a perfect ending that you had imagined.

If you had chosen one of our custom solutions from DoorWall systems, you would have been able to match the look, feel and material of the surrounding wall.  You would be able to achieve the symmetry that you envisioned when your project was just a tiny idea.  How is this possible?  A DoorWall solution is able to accomodate things that standard production doors are not able to accomplish such as:

  • Make door jambs disappear with advance pre-planning and custom engineering
  • Accomodates custom material that best matches most any design
  • Align to match building glass/aluminum sightlines

doorwall mercedes benzWe work with a special team of architects and design professionals to help them see your vision and create innovative door solutions that are perfect for the look and feel you are trying to achieve while avoiding some of the less attractive features of production doors like door jams and casings. When you need help with your design the team at Specified Building Products is ready to assist you in bringing your custom idea to the right people to create a unique one of a kind door solution that meets all of today’s regulations and industry standards.  For more information about this solution please call our office at 877-903-9090.

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