The Problems With Conventional Fire Doors

November 13, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

problem  solutionTypically when dealing with conventional Fire Doors we see several problems that can bring an operation to a grinding halt.

  • Inadequate maintenance – Poor or infrequent door maintenance can lead to rusting of the metal parts and paint build-up on gears and sash chains can prevent links from functioning correctly.
  • Improper / poor installation resulting from inexperienced installers.
  • Testing difficulty and improper resetting -Testing difficulties can happen for many reasons.  Malfunctions with sash chains and fusible links, misapplied spring tension and even improper resetting.
  • Defective parts due to insufficient QC at the manufacturing plant.
  • Damage – Forklifts and poor or hastily stacked heavy load items can be problematic on the long life of your Fire Doors.

We know your operation is your life.  Having equipment that works when you need it to work is just as important to us as it is to you.  The issues mentioned above no longer have to be problematic for you.  Our partner The McKeon Door Company manufactures a product that will solve these issues which will not require you to spend a boatload of cash on new Fire Doors.  Auto-Set Retrofit offers you the option to retrofit most existing rolling steel fire doors, regardless of the original
manufacture.  This product offers you the ability to perform daily drop testing and resetting which typically takes less than a minute to initiate and complete.  In addition, this unique system eliminates the need for external parts are part of the working environment and can experience malfunctions for numerous reasons. For building owners, installing the Auto-set product saves you money by reducing the probability that you will have to replace a non-functioning door.

For more information on this revolutionary product, call our office and speak to one of the members of the Specified Building Products team at (877) 903-9090


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