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Why Specified?

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Sidebar-blueprintsThere are many areas in a project where top of the line isn’t necessarily called for.  Then there are the areas, such as hiring your subcontractors and choosing vendors, where cutting corners is not the right thing to do.  When you work with Specified Building Products you are cementing your reputation as a smart business person.  Why?  Working with us tells your clients that you don’t cut corners and that you choose vendors with the utmost care.  Even if you don’t tighten the screws, your reputation is on the line as if you did which is why we only offer products and services that make you look good.  Some of the benefits of working with us include:

From design conception through installation, it is our goal to bring significant value to the design-construction team throughout the life of the project. It is our strong belief that this single-source accountability will result in superior performance on the project and a superior end-product for the building owner.

Pre-Construction & Design Expertise
Each product line is represented by a minimum of one dedicated and experienced product expert, each of which can be relied upon for design, detail, and specification assistance; prompt/accurate pricing and budgeting; and sound technical support.

Responsive Project Management
Upon securing a project, each job is managed by a seasoned industry expert who is charged with ensuring that we meet or exceed the GC’s expectations in terms of project execution. From submittal drawings through O&Ms, this individual maintains comprehensive awareness of the project and acts as the primary point of contact for the GC.

Superior Install Craftsmanship
We install every product we sell with factory-trained installation professionals. This in-house resource helps to ensure our ability to meet demanding project schedules, as well as, ensure the quality of each installation meets our high standards and those of our manufacturers.

Post-Installation Service
Certain product lines require periodic maintenance, and our Service Department is there to meet these needs. We offer prompt, reliable service for all our products offerings.  Why take chances?  Call our team to discuss your next project and put your mind at ease!

 www.specifiedbuilding.com  |  877-903-9090  |   info@specifiedbuilding.com


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