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Benefits Of Operable Wall Partitions

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folding-doorsSome projects just need to be flexible like those that call for Operable Wall Partitions.  Being able to use a large area for multiple purposes is the bread and butter for many commercial venues.  They turn a finite number of uses into an infinite number of possibilities allowing you to grow your business infinitesimally limited only by your imagination.

Gone are the days of the ugly brown panel partitions.  Operable walls have come a long way and now do a lot to add to the look and feel of a venue.  Not only are they nice to look at, the benefits to your bottom line are pretty incredible too.  Some benefits include:

  • Enabling multiple and concurrent use of one space for things such as meetings, trainings, product displays, special events and more.
  • Greater revenue can be derived from a space that is divided and then used for two or more different activities at the same time.
  • Convention traffic flow and security can be established with operable partitions.
  • Energy management is enabled
  • Ease and effectiveness of use
  • Acoustic separation performance
  • Individual panels that can easily be retracted and hidden or stored away and put to use at will for maximum space utilization
  • Sound conservancy
  • Lack of floor track ensuring an obstruction free threshold
  • schools, hospitals, gyms, stadiums, offices, airport

Specified Building Products Corporation offers solutions to efficiently manage space separation for function and sound.

relocatable-wallsOur operable walls are the finest space division and management products offered in New England for more than five decades.  The best engineered, most durable & attractive doors, custom-made to fit your opening, without interfering with space like a traditional swinging or bi-fold door would.

This solution has provided efficient and economical use of space for millions of customers worldwide. Many institutions and facilities have found that Operable Partitions meet their needs to a “T”.  Successful industries like educational institutions, medical facilities, religious organizations, corporate headquarters, training facilities, athletic facilities, culinary institutes and other many more literally make their living by incorporating these walls into their very environments.

If you are considering Operable Partitions as part of your next project, expansion or renovation call the Specified Building team to discuss your needs (877) 903-9090


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