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Preparing For Your Season

January 15, 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments

Winter may be here but Spring is just around the corner.  Pre-Season will be here before you know it followed by the 2015 game chasing crowd of tailgaters and fans.  You love them and they grow in numbers each year.  Before their arrival is the time to evaluate your equipment, employees and your environment and make necessary improvements before opening day.  As you take a look at your counter security windows and grilles you may decide that it is time to upgrade to something new or something a little more reliable or even something just a little more aesthetically agreeable to perhaps some other improvements.  That’s where we come in.

At Specified Building Products we can help you get ready for your season so you can focus on making 2015 a great year instead of worrying that you may suffer equipment failure that will be costly.  You want to be able to control traffic flow at a moments notice and protect your assets at the same time.  We have some great solutions for you.

This week we spotlight the McKeon Coiling Counter Shutters.

counter shutters

If you are looking for counter shutters or have questions about any of our solutions, call our office at 877-903-9090.

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