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Tip Top Dock

loading dockWorking on a Dock loading and unloading hundreds of packages every day requires organization, efficiency and reliable loading dock doors.  Equipment failure can lead to downtime and downtime leads to the loss of revenue.  In 2015, with high competition and technical savvy, your bottom line cannot afford downtime.  Your competition is just waiting for an opportunity to surpass you while you experience equipment failures.  At Specified Building Products we have made it our mission to create partnerships with the industry leaders to offer products for your operation that you can count on.

For the Loading Dock environment consider the UltraFast™ high-speed overhead door.  This door is a work-horse designed specifically for high traffic, heavy duty, industrial and commercial applications for both interior and exterior use.   When fork-truck traffic is high, maintenance and safety concerns are at a premium and UltraFast™ is a great solution.

Opening at up to 60 inches per second the UltraFast™ is employee friendly and extremely intuitive. Designed as self-repairing and low maintenance you’ll see hundreds of thousands cycles before your first maintenance is due.  For more information about the Specified Building Products solutions visit our website or call our sales team at (877) 903-9090.

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