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It’s All In The Details

Its all in the details blogIf you are in search for a solution that combines functionality with a wide array of designer options, look no further.  Total Door solutions has turned their products into a work of art by fusing creative and inspiring designs with engineering and regulatory requirements.  Items that matter a great deal to the successful completion of the greatest design concepts for our clients and yours such as concealed hinges, closers and flush panic bars are exactly the details that we place emphasis on.  These small but impactful items facilitate fluid movement in high trafficked areas which once stood out from their environment and created a nonessential distraction to their surroundings.  Now these features can blend in seamlessly with your own unique design conveying the exact experience that you intended for your clients and visitors. Making compromises in design, architectural finishes or even safety begin to undermine the integrity of your intended design and pretty soon what you end up with is nothing like what you envisioned.  Some companies may not care about your concepts beyond the sale but we do.  We want you to be happy long after the P&S is signed and the product is delivered and installed.  For more information or help with the details that will make your design perfect, call our office at 877-903-9090

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