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Helping You Focus on Your Business

helping you focus on your business blogOne of the most important things that we do at Specified Building Products is to keep your business in mind when we develop partnertships.  If you are in the Healthcare field you focus on saving lives.  If you are in the Education field you focus on the education of young minds.  If you are a distributor then your focus is on efficiency.  No matter what your industry, your focus is and should be on your clients not on worrying about the equipment within your environment.

A hospital has many types of emergencies that require staff to think on their feet and move quickly.  Throw in a heavy door without a panic system, quick release or one that is manufactured with parts that break down and instead of saving a life you are fighting with equipment that catches on gurneys and carts or doesn’t open to a full 180 degrees, wasting those precious moments of  time.

Schools and Universities also need equipment that they can count on in an emergency for the safety and well being of students, faculty and staff.  Fire Doors and Fire Curtains are built into building plans in strategic places throughout dorms and buildings to provide a safe evacuation route during a fire.  These products are irrelevant if they don’t work or don’t work the way they were intended to work when they are needed to work most.  Educators should be able to focus on situation management not equipment failure in an emergency.

Distribution environments where dock doors break down due to inferior components, lack of sufficient safety testing or poor installation practices may force you to halt operations while your employee productivity tanks doesn’t make you money, it costs you money, unnecessarily.

These are the situations and environments that we think about every day.  When you purchase a product from us you can rest assured that what you are buying will work the way you need it to when you need it to.  You are getting the very best product with a solid warranty for your money.  We stand behind everything that we sell.  To talk to our team of experts about becoming a Specified Building Product client, call our office at  877-903-9090

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