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How to protect your warehouse using fire rated doors.

s9000 fire series

Every blueprint comes from the mind of the Architect and is as unique as its creator. Creating a masterpiece of permanence requires skill in being able to marry code requiring elements with aesthetic elements that eventually become a work of art. When the creator puts pen to paper they are outlining where all the puzzle pieces go and which puzzle pieces to use in that solution.  Sometimes a solution requires puzzle pieces that eliminate the use of conventional and permanent door frames and or swinging doors which reduce the opening size and obstruct desired sight lines.

The S9000 Series Fire Door Systems by McKeon is the answer to this special need.

What makes the S9000 a good fit for this?  The automatic resetting Fire Door has a built in emergency egress and is a side coiling fire door which allows these doors to navigate around curves and contoured openings within a dynamically designed environment. It can have one or two emergency egress doors on the leading, side-activated edge.

Some design advantages to the S9000 Series Fire Door Systems:

·        Easy to test

·        Automatically resets

·        Only requires 6” of headroom

·        Allows for up to a 1000 person occupancy load.

·        When in the stored, fire-ready position, the doors are completely hidden from view

·        When activated in the self-closing fire condition mode they do not require electricity or battery back-up systems

The S9000 Series Fire Door Systems are ideal for applications where emergency egress is required such as cross-corridors in schools or within the hospital environment. Frequently this type of solution is a good fit for casinos, museums and retail spaces that include area, occupancy and elevator lobby separations.  If you have a unique design and would like to speak to one of our team members, call the Specified Building Products office at 877-903-9090


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