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Daylighting. Not Just Any Old Bright Idea

Not Just any old bright ideaThere are many studies that have been done proving the value of daylit environments.  From organizations to schools statistics have proven that performance increases in those who have been exposed to more natural daylight than those who function under ultraviolet lights.  On average, an office worker spends approximately 1/3 of their day in the office.  That is a large chunk of our day.  It can be argued that to increase performance, health and overall well being, that proper lighting must be utilized in as many places as possible.  The same goes for children in learning environments.  They also spend around 1/3 of their day in school under traditional fluorescently lit environments.  Why wouldn’t you offer these growing and impressionable mini adults the chance to thrive to the best of their ability by providing top notch teachers AND a top notch naturally lit environment?  Is it an injustice that we are doing to our children by not doing so?  A 2014 study, done by Heschong Mahone Group for Pacific Gas & Electric Co., shows that those located in classrooms with the most progressed 20% faster on math tests and 26% faster on reading tests in one year than those with less daylighting influences.

Solatube understands the crucial benefits their products have and the impact that can have on the success of those working and learning within a daylight environment.  They are so passionate about this that they developed a program to donate their Daylighting systems to qualifying schools and colleges.  Started more than 20 years ago, they vowed to continue making a difference to as many generations of students and workers of all ages as they could.  The trade-off between high absenteeism & energy costs to a much higher performance and positive well-being are priceless.  Solatube International President Robert Westfall created ‘Operation Textbook’ to get as much daylight to as many students and teachers as he could.  Once the units are installed, students and faculty alike are amazed at how a largely compact sized unit can bring in so much natural light.  What used to be a much darker room is transformed into a learning environment promoting top performance  is created.

If you are interested in Solatube for your school, you may reach out to the Specified Building Products team at  877-903-9090


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