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Stuck in the Elevator During a Fire?

stuck in an elevatorFire is scary and can be deadly.  When a fire erupts, panic ensues and bad things can happen especially if you are the one stuck in the elevator and unable to exit the building safely, the moment you want to.  Years ago, fire codes were not the highly specific and monitored guidelines that they are today.  Fire codes get updated as new information and technology surfaces.  Not long ago, The Chicago Tribune reported the tragic death of a young woman who, while riding the elevator when a fire erupted, died.  She died because the elevator that she was riding opened on a floor that was engulfed in flames.  Today, with current fire codes, it would have turned out differently.  Current codes for high rise buildings exceeding three stories require:

  • The elevator shaft to be separated from the floor on which it opens.
  • The elevator be recalled to a safe location immediately after the fire alarm sounds
  • Must be available for fire safety officials to use from that same safe location.

There are many options available to meet your needs while meeting fire safety codes.  For information on any of our Fire Door products for your project, call the Specified Building Products office at 877-903-9090

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