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A Folding Glass Wall That Exudes Class

February 11, 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments
Glass Wall Door

Glazed Folding Door SF 75H

Whether you’re constructing a business, conservatory, or just want an exquisite folding glass wall, the SF 75H folding glass wall is a must investment. Just imagine the look on your guests’ and/or clienteles’ faces as they have a glass wall that actually folds and allows an easy transition from outside to inside. Also, think about how much bigger the space will feel to them.

Constructed with natural materials, the laminated wood creates a seal around any heated living area to offer a comfortable setting any time of the year. Think about watching a beautiful snowfall but not feeling the cold; a nice thought right? Furthermore, the wall is sturdy and has major perks when it comes time to install.

Besides being sturdy, the glass is easy to open and close. Whether you want to push the glass inside or outside, all to one side or to different sides, it’s your prerogative. The system comes in an array of colours and wood types for your needs and aesthetic. And don’t worry, as this system comes with security that has an integrated locking system and is fitted with flat handles with integrated locking mechanisms.

Get noticed with the SF 75 H folding glass wall. Not only will the space look classy, larger, and feel comfortable, but it is absolutely secure. Choose a product that is known for its quality and durability-created by SUNFLEX, you can’t go wrong.

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