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Solatube SkyVault Series


In recent studies conducted on various aged subjects, it was determined that natural light is better for your vision than artificial light. Not only is natural lighting better for your eyes, but it enhances your vision and depending on your age, helps strengthen your sight. With such great benefits, how can builders incorporate natural lighting into spaces where it might seem impossible? The answer is, Solatube SkyVault Series.

Solatube SkyVault Series uses state-of-the-art technology to transfer sunlight from the rooftop level to high output tubular daylighting devices. During this process, the sunlight travels through the world’s most reflective tubing and once it reaches its’ destination, it provides an enormous amount of daylight to a large space. This lighting will replace your artificial lights, and you will never look back. But don’t take my word for it; here is a quote from Kermit Ferrer the Vice President of Distribution Planning, Capital and Properties at Macy, Inc.:

“We have been using Solatube Daylighting Systems for over a decade and we continue to be impressed with the quality and performance, especially the new SkyVault Series. The amount of light delivered by these new units is truly incredible, allowing us the opportunity to turn off our electric lights during the day, and reduce our peak demand load. More importantly, the natural light creates a better work environment for our most important asses – our people.”

Have your building decrease their carbon footprint by installing daylighting solutions. Whether it’s the SkyVault Series for your large buildings or if you require something smaller, we have it all. Contact one of our consultants for more information on daylighting solutions.

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