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What to Check on Your Fire-Rated Door

April 28, 2016 Leave a comment


As you browse our website, you should have noticed that our doors are broken down into many different categories. However, one important category we want to focus on is fire-rated doors. Fire-rated doors are used for passive fire protection of buildings and help compartmentalize. But it isn’t just enough to install a door and call it quits; it must be maintained. Below are a few areas to check on your fire-rated door.

  • Look for a label, a plug or similar marking to show that it’s certificated
  • Make sure the door leaf isn’t damaged, warped or twisted
  • Ensure it closes correctly around all parts of the frame
  • Check that the hinges are firmly fixed into the door and the frame with no missing screws
  • Ensure that the seals at the top and sides of the door are not damaged or missing
  • Make sure any glass and the beads holding the glass are fitted firmly
  • Check that the door is marked correctly with appropriate signage

These are just a few things to check when inspecting your fire-rated door. If you have any questions about your fire-rated door, our consultants are always available.


How the FireFighter™ Smoke Curtain & Fire Curtain Works

July 24, 2014 Leave a comment

FireFighter™ fire rated curtains and smoke rated curtains are made of technologically advanced fire-resistant fabric. The assembly is concealed in a compact overhead steel housing and is virtually invisible when in the retracted position. Operated by a remotely located control station and fully synchronized with the building fire and life safety system, the FireFighter™ truly is the “First Responder.” FireFighter™ utilizes McKeon?s patented Fail-Safe design and self-closing Auto-Set® system. Upon activation, the assembly gravity drops into place and is automatically reset once the emergency condition has been cleared. To span unlimited widths, single curtains can be arranged in an overlapping design.


Unlocking Open Design With Fire Doors

August 15, 2013 Leave a comment

Dave Dodge, CSI, CDT is the director of business and code development at McKeon Door Co.   Our team at Specified Building Products has worked with Dave many times over the years to provide the required code training for architects.  He has an extensive background in project estimation and project management and holds a bachelor’s degree in business.  Mr. Dodge’s passion is in building code development and architectural design compliance and we are pleased to share this insightful article written by Dave Dodge with you.

Dave Dodge ArticlePerhaps one of the most challenging elements of building design is to conform with fire and smoke separation provisions of the codes.  Typically compliance with these provisions suggests difficulty in designating open communication areas throughout the structure.

This article looks at some historically problematic situations and examines new technology that satisfies code yet renders creative, open, and spacious design.  It explores innovative wide-span opening protectives that offer the benefit of complying with passive redundant provisions of the building code while maintaining open design.

With few exceptions, the International Building Code (IBC) has been universally adopted in the United States.  Notwithstanding, the applications considered in this article are fundamental in any model code where openings are created in fire- and smoke-rated wall assemblies.

To read the full article, CLICK HERE




Another Fire Fighter Success Story

May 16, 2013 Leave a comment

McKeon is well known for their Fire Curtains. This article discusses a particularly interesting design that needed a cost effective

and design effective solution.  McKeon was ready for the challenge and stepped up to the plate to hit a home run!

Fire Fighter success story blog 5-16

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