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Skylighting? For Your Business?

June 16, 2016 Leave a comment

Skylights are popular in residential settings, such as your kitchen or living room. These products use sunlight to naturally light a room instead of the artificial alternatives. By doing this, it provides an array of benefits to your business, your employees and your clientsauburn pic

Your business will see a drastic decrease in electrical bills by using the suns natural light. The incredible thing is, using the natural sunlight is not the only way installing skylighting such as the Auburn Skylight System (as seen above) saves your business money and is beneficial to the environment.

  • The upfront initial cost has proven to be lower than most lighting solutions.
  • The long-term savings will be noticed sooner than most other lighting solutions.
  • LEED energy credits.
  • Contains universal adapters to fit standard rafters, making it geometrically perfect.
  • Using less electricity overall is better for the environment, giving your company the reputation for investing in more sustainable methods of lighting.


Your employees are the most important part of your business. They are the reason your product gets designed, produced, sold and maintained. Integrating these skylighting systems into your existing, or new warehouses contain many benefits for your employees.

  • Providing Vitamin D to your employees while on the job has proven to be medically beneficial.
  • According to the US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health, “Low vitamin D status is associated with reduced employee work productivity. Employee vitamin D assessment and replenishment may represent a low-cost, high-return program to mitigate risk factors and health conditions that drive total employer health care costs.”
  • Natural sunlight boosts moral of your employees more than alternative lighting solutions.


Your clients will see the architectural beauty that comes with constructing skylighting systems. Keeping up with the modern times, by installing these systems in your warehouse or other commercial setting, goes a long way with potential and established clients.

  • Showing that you are ahead of the curb gives clients peace of mind that their decision to work with you is the correct one.
  • Being energy efficient and environmentally-friendly will draw more clients.


For more information about specific products that retain to skylighting, visit our skylighting area of our website and shoot us an email or give us a call at 877-903-9090 to set up an appointment!




Shine on with LightBasic™

November 5, 2015 Leave a comment

Looking for a cost effective way to save energy? You have to check out LightBasictranslucent skylights! LightBasic has the ability to control heat loss and enhance energy performance, reduce HVAC loads, reduce the need for artificial lighting that can add a surprising amount to your bottom line. LightBasic is lightweight, easy to install and already assembled! In addition to being an economical energy saver that is easy to install, having LightBasic translucent skylights in your building will help contribute to your LEED points to bring you to the next level because it is constructed out of post-consumer and pre consumer recycled content. If you’re interested in learning more, you know what to do. Visit our website for more details or call us at 1-877-903-9090 so we can help engineer inspiration into your space.

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What is LEED?

September 17, 2015 Leave a comment

You hear the acronym LEED here and there, but what is it exactly and what does it have to do with Specified Building Products Corporation?

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and is a rating system for “green” buildings. Supported by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), LEED Certification recognizes a subset of buildings that were designed, built, and/or maintained with sustainability in mind.

The LEED Rating Systems categorize buildings by type and provide an outline for implementing the most sustainable solutions for that building type. When pursuing LEED Certification for a building, a project team must select the most appropriate rating system and work toward satisfying the requirements that are outlined.

There are four levels of certification – the number of points a project earns determines the level of LEED certification that the project will receive. Typical certification thresholds are:

Platinum 80+ Points

Gold 60-79 Points

Silver 50-59 Points

Certified 40-49 Points

The Troy Building in Boston is LEED Certified GOLD


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Troy Building

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Proven performance

If you’re serious about saving money, conserving energy, reducing water consumption, improving indoor air quality, making better building material choices, and driving innovation, then LEED is the best choice. Bar none.

Third-party certification verifies that your project is designed, built and operating the way it was intended. It is also your first step toward managing your building through its entire lifecycle.

Continuous improvement

Behind the LEED program is an immense infrastructure developed to support the leaders in the industry as they innovate and create cutting-edge, high performance buildings. We make significant investments each year to maintain, operate and improve LEED and its delivery. No other rating system has an infrastructure that comes close.

Lifetime of returns

LEED-certified buildings cost less to operate, reducing energy and water bills by as much as 40%. Businesses and organizations across the globe use LEED to increase the efficiency of their buildings, freeing up valuable resources that can be used to create new jobs, attract and retain top talent, expand operations and invest in emerging technologies. LEED buildings have faster lease-up rates and may qualify for a host of incentives like tax rebates and zoning allowances. Not to mention they retain higher property values!

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The products at Specified Building Products Corporation contribute LEED points that can get you to next LEED level! Check out our products on our website!