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Utilization of Smoke Curtains

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A Smoke Curtain is an automatic smoke barrier and automatic smoke curtain system that controls the movement of smoke in a building during a fire and is comprised of fire resistant fabric fixed to a steel roller which is driven by an internal tubular electric motor. It is designed to create a smoke reservoir by containing and limiting the travel of smoke and to channel smoke in a predetermined direction. The smoke curtain will prevent or retard smoke entry to another area or void. The roller is mounted and enclosed in a steel housing and the bottom edge of the curtain has a weighted bar. It is activated from a fire detection system and closes above head height (sometimes to the finished floor level) to create a smoke-free layer.

A building can fill with smoke in just a matter of minutes, travelling at high speeds, causing panic and extensive damage. Once activated, a smoke curtain is lowered to isolate the smoke in a contained area. Used in conjunction with automatic or natural smoke ventilation, it will allow a greater escape time for occupants.

McKeon’s FireFighter™ smoke and fire curtain is the only product offered in the U.S. that has been tested to UL10B and UL10D. It can also incorporate a new concept in egress doors – the soft-surface egress door can be pushed open with less than 30 pounds of force applied to the interior surface, and once opened, a building occupant can easily pass through for egress. The FireFighter’s™ swinging technology also allows the soft-surface egress door to automatically return to its fully closed safety position.

With ever increasing environmental safety legislation putting more restrictions on building design, integrating smoke containment systems that are compatible with good design is making designers’ lives easier. The FireFighter™ is proving to be the first choice for combining effective smoke protection with the latest trends in interior design.

The design benefits to using McKeon’s FireFighter™ smoke curtains include:











  • Invisible (recessed above the ceiling line)
  • Creates open spaces and increases yield of workable/chargeable floor space
  • Creates clear lines of sight by removing compartments
  • Increase tenability levels of escaping occupants

For more information on incorporating McKeon’s FireFighter™ smoke curtains into the design of your project, please contact Specified Building Products at (877) 903-9090.


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