Daylighting. Lighting That Looks Real.

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Daylighting. Daylighting. Pretty cool little concept. Low cost lighting, customizable, and high performance for the cost. Sounds like a fairytale! Well, fortunately, this fairytale is actually true. We are a leader in providing these particular styles of lighting concepts to our clients, while saving them coin! We know, we’re just too kind!

All joking aside, take a look below. There are a couple of types shown which give a more in-depth details.


Here’s a few things to think about in particular when it comes to daylighting solutions:

  • LightBasic™ provides simple, low cost performance.
  • Guardian 275® the industry standard, offering the most design and performance flexibility.
  • Clima-Tite™ engineered with pultruded fiberglass framing for improved thermal performance versus aluminum-based systems.
  • Auburn® glass and mixed glazed skylights for a more traditional look and views to the sky.



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Projects We Have Crushed It On

August 22, 2016 Leave a comment

Honestly, we know we crush it on every project but there are always those few projects that really stand out. The ones that you stand back, take a hard look at, let it all sink in and say…”Dang, I’m good.”

You know what we’re talking about, that cover-up job on your car that a moron with a shopping cart slammed into, or the stain you MacGyvered up the cleaning products in your house to concoct the perfect stain remover. These little shining moments, well…here are some of ours.

specified snip

We have done work for a lot of universities, banks and other memorial landmarks around the New England area. A lot of these were very large budget products and we do not want to fool you into thinking that we only work with large projects. We do all kinds of replacements for warehouses, schools, office buildings…you name it! We encourage the LEED and other daylighting solutions to assist your company with saving money in the long term.

We would love to hear about your company’s new project ideas so we can help you make them a reality. Give us a call, email us, or contact us on Facebook and we will be sure to take care of you.

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The Legend of McKeon Door.

July 28, 2016 Leave a comment

Once upon a time….


No, no. This isn’t a fairy-tale. This is about one of our products we use, McKeon Door. They have been in existence since 1946 and they are a full manufacturer of Overhead and Side Activated Coiling Grills, Doors, Fire Door System and Custom Engineered Closures. They are specially made to be classified as a Fire Rated Door System, which protects your business from the disasters of a fire, and keeps your employees peace of mind. These kinds of doors can be invaluable for your business if something catastrophic as a fire were to happen.

These types of doors are seen in hotels, warehouses, automotive shops, shopping malls and much more. We here at Specified Building can provide assistance in the design, application and inform you of all restrictions and requirements needed before beginning your construction. We are able to pinpoint problems before they even happen and give you detailed drawings and technical requirements based on YOUR project.

Yeah, we genuinely care about YOUR project. We care that you get what you asked for and more, and be there afterwards for any upgrades of maintenance. So call us at (877) 903-9090.

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LEED Isn’t Just A Funny-Looking Acronym.

July 25, 2016 Leave a comment

So, you and many other people have been asking…what is LEED? Is it like an LED light with extra power? Is it a new lightbulb (oh goodness I’m already behind)?



Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). Sounds pretty exciting, I know. But!…It IS actually super exciting. These LEED homes are GREEN homes, which encourage the homes around them to follow suit. They provide BETTER quality air INSIDE your home, and releases less of the harmful stuff out in the air. They also use roughly 45% less energy each year, saving thousands of dollars of your hard-earned money. And honestly, I could really use that money myself.

Not only do these homes use less energy, but they are more desirable for new homeowners and also cost the same (if not less) than conventional homes. On average, there is a 2.4% increase on the money upfront but since it saves you bundles of money, within the first year the money saved outweighs the upfront cost.

We here at Specified Building Products have many choices when it comes to LEED options for your business. Shoot us an email or give us a call at 877-903-9090!


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Keeping Your Restaurant Beautiful and Secure

June 21, 2016 Leave a comment


How ugly is it seeing those criss-crossed steel sliding doors you see in front of restaurants to keep them secure during the closing hours. Well, it’s time to re-invent it and keep your restaurants interior beauty and spread it to the exterior. Installing the Glazed Folding Door Sf-55, your restaurant will look gorgeous and still keep your peace of mind through its many layers of security.

“The top-quality aluminum system is available in five standard colors as well as in any particular color of your choice. In addition, the folding SF 55c glass wall is a special variant, which is available with interior cladding made from genuine wood.”

There are levels of customization as well to make your SF-55 your own. The sliders on the floor, for the door to slide into place, can be either sunken into the floor or fitted to the floor. Also, the glass door has the option to be folded so the customization runs deeper, to make sure your SF-55 fits perfectly in your setting.

Great looks and security? Visit our contact page to shoot us an email, find out where we’re located, or give us a call to make your new construction come to life!

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Skylighting? For Your Business?

June 16, 2016 Leave a comment

Skylights are popular in residential settings, such as your kitchen or living room. These products use sunlight to naturally light a room instead of the artificial alternatives. By doing this, it provides an array of benefits to your business, your employees and your clientsauburn pic

Your business will see a drastic decrease in electrical bills by using the suns natural light. The incredible thing is, using the natural sunlight is not the only way installing skylighting such as the Auburn Skylight System (as seen above) saves your business money and is beneficial to the environment.

  • The upfront initial cost has proven to be lower than most lighting solutions.
  • The long-term savings will be noticed sooner than most other lighting solutions.
  • LEED energy credits.
  • Contains universal adapters to fit standard rafters, making it geometrically perfect.
  • Using less electricity overall is better for the environment, giving your company the reputation for investing in more sustainable methods of lighting.


Your employees are the most important part of your business. They are the reason your product gets designed, produced, sold and maintained. Integrating these skylighting systems into your existing, or new warehouses contain many benefits for your employees.

  • Providing Vitamin D to your employees while on the job has proven to be medically beneficial.
  • According to the US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health, “Low vitamin D status is associated with reduced employee work productivity. Employee vitamin D assessment and replenishment may represent a low-cost, high-return program to mitigate risk factors and health conditions that drive total employer health care costs.”
  • Natural sunlight boosts moral of your employees more than alternative lighting solutions.


Your clients will see the architectural beauty that comes with constructing skylighting systems. Keeping up with the modern times, by installing these systems in your warehouse or other commercial setting, goes a long way with potential and established clients.

  • Showing that you are ahead of the curb gives clients peace of mind that their decision to work with you is the correct one.
  • Being energy efficient and environmentally-friendly will draw more clients.


For more information about specific products that retain to skylighting, visit our skylighting area of our website and shoot us an email or give us a call at 877-903-9090 to set up an appointment!



What to Check on Your Fire-Rated Door

April 28, 2016 Leave a comment


As you browse our website, you should have noticed that our doors are broken down into many different categories. However, one important category we want to focus on is fire-rated doors. Fire-rated doors are used for passive fire protection of buildings and help compartmentalize. But it isn’t just enough to install a door and call it quits; it must be maintained. Below are a few areas to check on your fire-rated door.

  • Look for a label, a plug or similar marking to show that it’s certificated
  • Make sure the door leaf isn’t damaged, warped or twisted
  • Ensure it closes correctly around all parts of the frame
  • Check that the hinges are firmly fixed into the door and the frame with no missing screws
  • Ensure that the seals at the top and sides of the door are not damaged or missing
  • Make sure any glass and the beads holding the glass are fitted firmly
  • Check that the door is marked correctly with appropriate signage

These are just a few things to check when inspecting your fire-rated door. If you have any questions about your fire-rated door, our consultants are always available.